Thursday, August 27, 2009


So, I'm a little bit strung-out on sugar...STILL...from meeting with our cake lady today. Her name is Angela Bowden (Sugar Art by Angela) and she runs a cake business out of her home in South Port. She was SUPER nice and I know she's going to do a great job on our cakes.

She made a miniature white cake with butter cream icing and a miniature chocolate cake with butter cream icing. We got to test that out and it was DE-LISH!

She does all kinds of flavors, and I wasn't dead-set on any particular flavor. So, after trying the cake that she already had baked up...I just had to choose them. I hadn't planned on chocolate being incorporated into the wedding cake, but once I had hers...OH MY!

So, this is what we decided on:
It will be 4 tiers (each tier is double layered). The top tier, won't be used and will be what we freeze for the year later. The bottom layer is round, the next one is hexagon, the next round, and the top hexagon. The cake flavors will alternate with each tier. The top tier...will be chocolate, of course...because that's what I will want to taste again! Chocolate is one of my favorites! =D So, anyway--then between all the layers, we are going to have raspberry filling. After I told her I loved raspberry filling, she actually pulled some out that she had in her fridge from a wedding the weekend before. It was delicious as well! Then, to cover everything...the cake will be iced with an off-white/candle light white colored butter cream. There will be dots on two of the layers and a vine-ish looking design on the other two (alternating)...and our monogram on one side of the bottom hexagon layer. Each tier will also have satin eggplant colored ribbon around the bottoms. The very top will be topped with flowers that Kirby Holt (our flower man...from Blossoms in Chipley--AWESOME--I will have to tell about him in another post!) fix up for us. Think deep-deep purple calla lilies.

I don't know if you can imagine that in your head, but it is beautiful. I had a picture cut out of a magazine of the idea I had in mind, but I gave it to her for a, I can't show you. You will just have to wait and see at the wedding. =)

The grooms cake, I kind of want to keep to keep a surprise. I will say that the cake will be red velvet (both of our favorites) with cream cheese filling. The icing will probably be fondant (which I'm not a big fan of for taste) because of all the details it will have. That's all I'm saying.

I will finish this post with two pictures--one is of my wedding band (obviously not on my finger...that's the salesman's finger) and a picture of a cake that helped me decide on the dots and hexagon part of the cake:

This picture does the ring NO justice. It's absolutely gorgeous...I LOVE it! It's hard to tell in the picture and they look darker than they really are...but those darker diamonds that look brown, are actually champagne diamonds.

The dots are going to be more like the ones on the top...not the really really tiny ones on the middle tier. I just love hexagon-shaped cakes.

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